The Seven Best Final Destination Deaths

We pick our top seven best kills from the legendary 'Final Destination' series

After nearly a decade it was announced last year that Final Destination 6 was in the works, continuing one of Horror’s most unique and most popular franchises.  Essentially slasher films without a slasher, the villain in the series is Death itself, stalking the characters one by one after they escape its clutches through dumb luck or predestination. With each entry in the series horror fans have delighted in watching a new batch of teens succumb to horrendous “accidents” that frequently play out like Rube Goldberg-ian comedy routines, right up until the bloody finish when Death finally collects its due. With over 40 kills in the two decades since the first film, there’s far too many to even try and rank every death, but fear not: Screamish has selected 7 of the very best final destination deaths for you to savour. Whether you’re looking for a good disemboweling or a decapitation, we’ve got you covered!

Billy Hitchcock (Seann William Scott): Final Destination

☠️ Cause of death: Decapitation due to flying debris

One of the best ‘Final Destination’ Deaths (and winner of a Golden Chainsaw for best death (2000) Billy from the original ‘Final Destination’, our man Seann William Scott (or, as he shall always be better known, Stiffler) just couldn’t keep his head on straight. In the first film, Billy’s friend Carter has realized he’s next to die and stalls his car on the railroad tracks, wanting to go out on his own terms. When an oncoming train arrives, Alex, their friend Clear and Billy (Scott) get out of the car. Carter changes his mind at the last minute and Alex manages to save him from the car mere seconds before the train smashes into them. But as these things go for the cast of ‘Final Destination‘, an unseen chain underneath the train swipes up a piece of shrapnel from the car wreckage which is then sent flying in poor Billy’s direction. As he turns around the shrapnel decapitates him from the jaw up in a glorious display of 2000-era CGI gore, his body finally collapsing after the train passes. Death one, Stiffler zero.

Lewis Romero (Texas Battle) Final Destination 3

☠️ Cause of death: Head Crushed By Weights

Number two on our best Final Destination deaths goes to the awesomely named Texas Battle In Final Destination 3. After Death’s begun to pick off the survivors of the Devil’s Flight roller coaster disaster, Lewis’s friends Wendy and Kevin warn him he is next on the list. Lewis (Battle) figuratively and literally flexes on them, claiming the two are just seeing things because of the traumies over the death of their loved ones, Jason and Carrie, from earlier in the film. When his friends begins to see several signs all around the gym that were in the photo taken of Lewis at the amusement park (Death loves a good visual pun, it seems), Lewis keeps crushing the bow-flex machine and rants about his future football career, mocking Death to the point where he says that Death actually fears him.

Whoo! What I tell you Kevin, huh? Fuck death! I just win! That’s all I know how to do Kevin! Baby I just win!

In the midst of his bro-rant Death comes to collect: another weight-lifter knocks the claw off a bear statue, hitting yet another weight lifter in the eye, causing him to drop his weight-lifting bar. The force of the weights cause two staggering swords above the bow-flex machine to fall and cut through the wires that were holding the weights up, unknown to Lewis and the others. Lewis gets back to crushing the weights once again, which swing down and crush him instead, spraying a glorious bucket of blood on Wendy and Kevin.

Tim Carpenter (James Kirk) Final Destination 2

☠️ Cause of death: Flattened by a pane of glass

The unfairly forgotten finale of Final Destination 2 also makes it to our best Final Destination deaths countdown. After leaving the dentist’s office Tim (James Kirk) and his mom walk into the street and see Kimberly and Officer Burke running towards them, with Kimberly screaming out “Pigeons!” Tim notices the flock of pigeons in front of him, and on impulse, he runs up to the birds and starts scaring them away. As some of the birds fly above a construction worker in a crane, he accidentally hits a lever with his elbow, causing the glass pane to fall onto the street below. When Nora tries to save him, a construction worker pulls her back, saving her instead. Poor Tim then looks up just as the pane falls on him, and crushes him to a bloody pulp with what Joe Bob Briggs would call some good old “Window-Fu”.

Hunt Wynorski (Nick Zano) The Final Destination

☠️ Cause of death: Butthole gutting by pool vacuum

Always a fan favourite for best Final Destination deaths, this one proves kids are real pain in the ass. In “The Final Destination” (aka Final Destination 4) Hunt (Nick Zano) answers a phone call from his friend Nick while lounging in the country club pool. Then a kid squirts him with a water gun and messes up his phone.  Hunt snatches the water gun, which he places on the pool’s control box …and the gun falls, hitting a lever controlling the pool drain. The drain starts sucking up the water and a golden in the adjacent field hits a long ball, which in turn hits Hunt, causing him to drop his lucky coin.Hunt dives in the pool to find his coin, but is sucked in by the drain as well. Trapped and unable to move, Hunt lies underwater screaming for help as the draining pressure increases, until his organs out through his anus. Yes, you read correctly: his organs are sucked through his anus. His innards are then shot from the poolside pump, along with his now decidedly un-lucky coin.

Terry Chaney (Amanda Detmer) Final Destination

☠️ Cause of death: Hit by bus

When it comes to Best Final Destination Deaths sometimes you don’t need so much wacky setup. Another from the original Final Destination, Terry abruptly meets her end after a post-memorial argument, saying her friends “could just drop f**king dead” after getting into an ill-timed fight. Storming off she is immediately hit by a speeding bus, splattering the others in a spray of gore. Coming completely out of nowhere. test screen audiences for the movie took so long to calm down after Terry’s abrupt death that the filmmakers added the following scene where Alex and Clear make alka-seltzer drinks to give the audiences time to calm themselves before continuing the story.

Candice Hooper (Ellen Wroe) Final Destination 5

☠️ Cause of death: Gymnastic accident

Coming in at number 6, this often talked about death from Final Destination 5 is easily one of the best Final Destination deaths and perhaps the height of it’s Rube Goldberg / “Mousetrap from hell” kills. While practicing her routine, Candice complains about the heat and urges her coach to fix the air conditioning. When the air conditioning unit is finally fixed it begins to shake, and a screw comes loose and lands on the balance beam. The screw goes unnoticed by Candice who nearly steps on it. While Candice is practicing on the high beams, Porter practices on the balance beam and steps on the screw. She falls off the beam, knocking over a bowl of powder, which is blown into a fan and temporarily blinds Candice while she is swinging on the high beams. Unable to see, Candice loses her grip and flips mid-air. She eventually lands on the floor, causing her spine to crack and her legs to be folded over her head in one of the most viscerally nasty kills on screen. Bones and blood spill out of her violently contorted body as her coach and the other gymnasts watch in horror.

Ashlyn Halperin (Crystal Lowe) & Ashley Freund (Chelan Simmons) – Final Destination 3

☠️ Cause of death: double tanning bed roast

And finally one of our all time top best Final Destination deaths: the two for one tanning bed roast from “Final Destination 3” . When friends Ashley and Ashlyn enter a tanning bed room, Ashley leaves her drink sitting on a table, unaware that the HVAC machine controlling the tanning beds is directly below it. Ashlyn turns up the heat stating that “a few degrees won’t hurt.” Ashley looks through the CD’s on a wooden shelf (how retro!) above the tanning beds. While doing so, she accidentally pulls the shelf loose and as the temperature in the room rises, the iced beverage cup cools and begins to drip onto the HVAC controls under it, causing a classic Final Destination malfunction.

Meanwhile, the air coming out from the vent causes a coat rack to tip over. The coat rack then in turn knocks over a potted plant, which falls and knocks the CD shelf off the wall onto Ashley’s tanning bed. When Ashley realizes they set temperature too high, she attempts to leave her bed, which in turn causes the shel to slide over into the opening slot of Ashlyn’s bed, and then slide into the opening slot in Ashley’s bed, preventing them both from escaping in a million to one shot.

The girls scream for help, but with no luck. As the heat from the short-circuited controls rises, Ashlyn’s skin peels and blisters, and her goggles melt and fuse to her eyeballs until the bulbs explode and ignite, shattering the glass and setting Ashlyn on fire, finally burning her alive.

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