The Most Disturbing Movies Of All Time – Kill List (2011)

Counting Down Some of The Most Messed Up Movies You May Have Missed

Kill List (2011)
Dir: Ben Wheatley

After returning from Ukraine, Jay a British soldier joins an old friend as contract killers. Jay’s troubled past surfaces and spins out of control as shadowy employers raise the stakes of each hit. Combining realistic violence and murder with a non-pretentious, arthouse realism style captures a texture, mood and story I couldn’t have ever imagined myself. All typical genre film rules were broken in this story, and it plays out in a very serious tone because of that, adding depth, tension and an underlying existential dread as you watch.

Being able to manipulate your audience is a skill only the most touted directors such as Kubrick, Lynch, Cassavetes or Hitchcock could master. However, Kill List truly puts its viewers through an emotional meat grinder. A seemingly dull and stereotypical dark comedy about hitmen, QUICKLY shifts gears halfway through the film, resulting in one of the most baffling and disturbing buildups & endings to any movie in recent history I’ve seen. Kill List dares to ask ‘does a film even need payoff or resolution? Which makes the entire story more devastating as the story unravels.

Most genre films hit the audience over the head out of the gate, but Kill List has a certain restraint which makes for a captivating watch. A perfect balance of gore, crime, occultism and dry UK humour made this understated film one of my instant modern favourites. For those that want to feel like they’re suffering from a semi satanic themed fever dream, look no further. Check out the trailer below! Check back on screamish as we continue to countdown the most disturbing films of all time!

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