Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Features A 10,000 Spider Cameo

Alvin Schwartz' infamous 'The Red Spot' makes it's on screen debut August 9

Horror anthology series Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark was a sleepover staple growing up. Guillermo del Toro and acclaimed director André Øvredal have adapted the iconic series for release later this summer. Actress Natalie Ganzhorn is seen playing Ruth in the first trailer with more than a simple red spot on her face. It was pale and infected with… a leg growing out of it. A spider leg, to be exact.

Ganzhorn sat down with Bloody-Disgusting for an exclusive interview spilling some gruesome details, and assuring excited fans we haven’t seen anything yet.

“We are just scratching the surface in the trailer of what is to come out of my cheek,” Ganzhorn told Bloody Disgusting last week. “It gets a lot scarier than what you saw in the trailer.”

Another addition to the book is an entire ARMY of spiders.

“There’s 10,000 CGI spiders that you will see over the duration of my scene,” Ganzhorn revealed.

“I’ve always been afraid of spiders. I was really worried when I booked it that they were going to be using real spiders. Luckily they weren’t. It was all CGI but it’s definitely made my fear worse. If I ever get a spider bite, I’m going to be absolutely terrified.”

Even the prosthetic bump on her face gets bigger.

“There’s a few different stages of the prosthetic,” Ganzhorn said. “The smaller the bite the quicker it was. That big prosthetic you saw in the trailer was two hours. There was one that was a little bit longer. It’s post spider attack and it’s a little bit more gory, a little bit more bloody.”

The characters in the movie find a book called Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The book starts to write itself, and the stories it tells come true for each of the characters – they’re not reading the book, the book is reading them. For poor Ruth, it goes a whole lot deeper than a bout of high school acne.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark opens August 9. Check out the trailer below!

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