The 10 Most Disturbing Movies Of All Time – Tideland (2005)

Counting Down Some of The Most Messed Up Movies You May Have Missed

To most, cinema is a form of escapism from an increasingly complicated society. Teleporting an audience to another realm to make them laugh, cry or think about the complexities of humanity is a hard feat in 2019. While most people enjoy Hollywood Blockbusters like Black Panther or Deadpool, cinema’s darker side is generally forgotten or given a shallow reputation. Film is a multi-faceted creature, full of strange and deep crevices filled with things you probably never imagined could even be possible.

Horror films are easily the foremost escapist genre in art history. Tackling themes and characters that most humans would try and constantly avoid or don’t even imagine to be real. The most impactful and shocking films combine hyperbolic facets of real life with the impossible.

If a movie stays with you long after the initial viewing then it’s done its job. Despite critics quickly dismissing the darker side of film, there are lots of people who love a wholly different type of escape. Which generally includes: realistic scenes of violence, absurdism, torture and a general disregard for human life.

The movies on this list all come with a forewarning with potential to scar your mind for years to come and prove that a movie can still be considered artistic or poignant, even if it’s on the extreme side. If you’re curious to find out what lies beneath the surface of the conventional and one-dimensional movies we see advertised everywhere, you’re on the right list.

Choose wisely and have some cat or dog videos queued up to cleanse your palate after viewing these incredible and daunting movies.

Check back on Screamish as we countdown the 10 most disturbing movies of all time!

6. Tideland (2005)
Dir: Terry Gilliam

This early 2000’s gem is quite over looked, probably because it was so poorly received and had such a limited release. Gilliam, the genius behind classics films such as Brazil, Time Bandits and The Holy Grail explores blurred lines and childhood trauma from a very surreal and noir fairy-tale esque angle in this Canadian-British made dark fantasy.

The controversy surrounding this film all stems from its use of very adult themes with a young protagonist. Tideland centers around Jeliza-Rose (Jodelle Ferland) who was 9 while the movie was made, who plays the daughter of two drug addicts in a ramshackle home in a wide-open nightmarish prairie like setting. Both parents ‘check out’ early – though their rotting and later taxidermized bodies remain on screen throughout the film.

After her parents’ demise, Jeliza-Rose is forced into a fantasy world all of her own, and quickly descends into complete hallucinatory madness. Her only friends are three severed dolls’ heads and some very bizarre neighbours named Dell and Dickens.

In true Gilliam fashion, the direction behind this was very similar to his previous work. Featuring swooshing camera movements, tilted frames and over exaggerated acting. Creating a very dark dream like aesthetic, against a very over saturated and bright setting. All shot in Regina, Saskatchewan and the surrounding area in late 2004.

In response to the controversy surrounding the film’s FIPRESCI Prize, selected by an international jury of film critics who in their award statement said “Gilliam’s was the only one that dared to propose a risky and radical image, without any concession, on a specific matter: madness as the only way of escaping in the face of a hostile environment.” Gilliams ability to combine childlike sensibilities with existential themes made this one of the most impactful and disturbing films I’ve ever seen.

If you enjoy a difficult and long watch, Tideland is the film for you. Watch the trailer below and check back on as we continue to wrap up the 10 Most Disturbing Movies You’ve Never Seen list!

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