BLACK CHRISTMAS – 12 Days Of Horror: Day 2

A List Of The Best Christmas Horror Movies Of All Time

Black Christmas (1974)

Dir: Bob Clark

Easily the most recognized and iconic Christmas Horror film of all time. Especially for us Canadians. Black Christmas is loosely based on a series of murders which took place over Christmas in Montreal and shot entirely in my hometown of Toronto. Cited by Film Historians as one of the first Slasher Films, as well one of the first Horror films to conclude without revealing the villain. Black Christmas paved the way for many Slasher films to follow. Leaving an influence on the genre for decades to come. Over the Christmas break, Sorority Sisters (who appear way older than University age) start receiving obscene phone calls, and then start getting picked off one by one by a sadistic and faceless killer. Although shallow and campy in its plot, Black Christmas is one of the more atmospheric and tastefully shot Slasher movies. Landing a legacy as the foremost popular Christmas Horror film of all time.

PS: Bob Clark went on to direct: A Christmas Story, Porky’s & Baby Geniuses (lol)

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