Silent Night, Deadly Night – 12 Days Of Horror: Day 3

A List Of The Best Christmas Horror Movies Of All Time

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Dir: Charles Sellier

After witnessing his parents being murdered by someone dressed as Santa to then become orphaned by abusive Nuns. Our protagonist Billy Chapman grows up increasingly disturbed, especially around Christmas time where his PTSD is triggered to go on a murder spree. Of course, dressed in a Santa Suit. The idea of a homicidal Santa Claus caused so much controversy, the film was pulled two weeks after its initial release. The PTA fought to have the film removed due to its subject matter and the fact that it was shown around Christmas. Television spots for the film, which aired between episodes of family-friendly series such as Three’s Company & Little House on the Prairie, led to parents complaining that their children were terrified of Santa. This backlash for censorship resulted in the movie becoming an instant Midnight Movie Classic. Unfortunately, it also spawned several and completely unrelated garbage sequels, prequels and of course a horrible 2012 remake. Creative Kills & Controversy will always help grab the attention of everyone here at

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