Rare Exports – 12 Days Of Horror: Day 4

A List Of The Best Christmas Horror Movies Of All Time

Rare Exports (2010)  

Dir: Jalmari Helander

The origin story of Santa you probably DON’T want to see. Finnish residents living near the Korvatunturi Mountains discover the secret behind the elusive Christmas icon. Our story is set on top of Korvatunturi, where a team of British researchers unearth an ancient burial ground, built by the Saami (Ancient Indigenous peoples of Finland) rumoured to be the home of Joulupukki, a figure in Finnish Folklore that helped shape modern day Santa. Reindeer trappers end up capturing a mysterious old naked & very feral man AKA Finnish Santa. Locals begin enslaving and exporting them across the world to become mall Santa’s. Did I mention you get to see FULL FRONTAL nude Santa (yes that means Santa’s dick) before a bomb blows him to smithereens? A Classic Christmas film for the whole family! You will never look at Santa the same after watching Rare Exports.



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