Jack Frost – 12 Days Of Horror: Day 5

A List Of The Best Christmas Horror Movies Of All Time

Jack Frost (1997)

Dir: Who Cares

In the fictional town of Snowmonton, a truck carrying serial killer Jack Frost to his execution crashes into a pesky ‘genetics’ truck. Somehow this causes the genetic material to mutate and fuse together with the snow on the ground. Left for dead, his body melts away. However…Later Jack Frost returns as a homicidal Snowman and takes revenge on the Sherriff who caught him. The big reveal is when FBI agents are confronted by said homicidal snowman. Agent Stone reveals himself as a representative of a genetic research company that created DNA to be used in a ‘Nuclear Holocaust’. He also reveals that “The human soul exists as a chemical” and then attempts to destroy Jack Frost using aerosol cans in the Police Station…I know, this movie makes complete sense. The true horror in this film are the horrible SFX and sequels that spawned from it. Although this may be one of the worst movies of all time, it’s also somehow one of the funniest Horror films of all time. A must see for any Trash cinema fan.


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