Elves – 12 Days Of Horror: Day 9

A List Of The Best Christmas Horror Movies Of All Time

Elves (1981)
Dir: Jeffrey Mandell

When a teenager clumsily cuts her hand during a ‘anti Christmas’ Pagan ritual. The spilt blood awakens an ancient demonic Nazi elf. Who is the central figure in a Neo Nazi race war plot! It’s revealed that Hitler instead dreamed of a race of half human/elf hybrids (it is also revealed that elves figured heavily into a pseudo-cult religion that the Nazis predicted in secret). The lead character Kirsten finds out she is the last remaining pure-blooded Aryan virgin in the world, her Grandfather being a former Nazi who was once involved in the plot (but is now reformed); he is also her FATHER! As inbreeding was somehow considered crucial to maintaining a pure Aryan bloodline.

Unaware of all these sinister goings-on, Kirsten continues to sulk her way through the Christmas season as she works at the snack counter of her local department store. Things quickly unravel into a showdown between the Nazis and Kirsten, where she recites a Pagan ritual using a “elfstone” she conveniently found in her Grandfathers study.

This underground VHS gold is shlock cinema gold, it could NEVER be made again. Although, the film ends on an image of a fetus, suggesting the plot was successful…PLEASE let’s get a 2019 sequel for this Nazi Elf Horror Classic! Check out the trailer below!

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