Christmas Evil – 12 Days Of Horror: Day 11

A List Of The Best Christmas Horror Movies Of All Time

Christmas Evil (1980)
Dir: Lewis Jackson

Touted as “The greatest Christmas film of all time” by John Waters, Christmas Evil (also known as You Better Watch Out and Terror in Toyland) is a psychological study and mildly obscure title, which has more recently achieved cult status.

After being sexually abused by his father (dressed as Santa Claus) Harry gets a job working in a toy factory. Later, he experiences a mental break when his job sparks early childhood memories during the Holiday season, which results in a yuletide killing spree. Sexual abuse, Fugue states, Obsession & Childhood trauma. All themes perfect for getting into the holiday spirit!

More recently, in 2000 Troma Video released the film as a director’s cut, containing never before seen footage. This version was in 4:3 full screen, but is presented in unmatted form showing more vertical information than the theatrical widescreen version.

 * Christmas Evil was seized and confiscated under UK obscenity law during the infamous Video Nasty era panic.

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