Our First Look: ‘Cursed Films’ Series Hits Shudder This April

SHUDDER's new series looks at classic films with troubled production histories like The Exorcist and Poltergeist.

AMC Streaming service Shudder’s new documentary series ‘Cursed Films‘ examines disasterous production stories of five big-screen projects that were as cursed as their characters: from Tobe Hoopers’ classic Poltergeist, The Exorcist, The Omen, to other genre films like The Crow and the infamous Twilight Zone: The Movie disaster (helicopter decapitations, anyone?)

Amongst the interviews for the series are director Richard Donner of ‘The Omen’, The Exorcist star Linda Blair, villains Kane Hodder and Michael Berryman, Lloyd Kaufman, historian Mitch Horowitz, and Blumhouse executive/Shock Waves podcast co-host Ryan Turek. Shudder is set to release the first episodes about Poltergeist, The Omen, and The Exorcist on April 2nd. 

The Poltergeist and The Omen episodes will also be subject to a special ‘Cursed Films’ screening at SXSW, followed by a Q&A with series director Jay Cheel and the show’s producers! Watch the trailer for Cursed Films below and check out artist Matt Ryan Tobin‘s amazing poster for the show!

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