Rats: Night Of Terror (1984)

Prolific b-movie maestro Bruno Mattei's Post apocalyptic, Punk Rock monster movie is weird and wonderful late night trash

Unleashed in 1984, “Rats: Night of Terror” was destined to be a midnight movie classic from the start. Helmed by...
Corns Out Of Ten

Children Of The Corn (1984)

The quintessential creepy kid classic just in time for Harvest season

A must watch for any 80s horror fan, this oft-overlooked Stephen King adaptation sees Linda Hamilton wander into a small...
Graves Out Of Ten

The Exorcist III (1989)

What in the hell is Fabio doing in The Exorcist?

A baffling creation, The Exorcist’s 3rd and thankfully final sequel sees the terminally angry George C. Scott (from “Man Getting...
Graves Out Of Ten

Cemetery Man (1994)

A gore-filled zombie romance comedy from the legendary director of stage fright

After working with legends like Argento, Fulci and Terry Gilliam, and giving us the classic romp ‘Stage Fright’, Michele Soavi...
Wigs Out Of Ten

Raising Cain (1992)

John Lithgow Goes To Pieces In This 90s DePalma Oddity.

Combining that over-the-top De Palma energy with a logic obliterating multiple character turn from John Lithgow, Rasing Cain is an...
Saxaphone Solos Out Of 10

Stage Fright (1987)

Owl's well that ends well!

An absolutely wild bit of 80’s Giallo brilliance about a serial killer who rapes and kills actors rehearsing a play...
Deadly Dolls Out Of Ten

Annabelle: Creation (2017)

It's DOLL gone crazy!

A Sequel To A Sequel in the Conjuring “universe”, Annabelle 2: Creation is, surprisingly, a solid entry to the creepy...
Exploding heads out of 10.

Superstition (1983)

Everybody dies!

A real rarity, this madcap take on the haunted house / wicked witch trope goes off the rails 5 minutes...
Parasites Out Of Ten

Brain Damage (1988)

This Is Your Brain On ... BRAINS.

An 80s homage to New York’s punk peak seen through the eyes of a carnivorous penis puppet, legendary filmmaker Frank...
Manitous out of Maniten

The Manitou (1978)

Tony Curtis And A Dwarf Battle For Cosmic Supremacy

Recently resurrected on subscription service SHUDDER, 1978’s The Manitou is a¬†weirdly entertaining tale of a magical dwarf who grows out...

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