The Manitou (1978)

Tony Curtis And A Dwarf Battle For Cosmic Supremacy

Recently resurrected on subscription service SHUDDER, 1978’s The Manitou is a weirdly entertaining tale of a magical dwarf who grows out of Susan Strasberg’s back bent on revenge! A slow starter, this low budget rendition of an evil Native American shaman’s return has Tony Curtis, Exploding scientists, terrible sets, even worse effects and one of the all-time greatest “what the fuck did I just watch” endings of made-for-tv moviedom to reward true trash connoisseurs who can stick with it. Definitely one that’s more entertaining under the influence of certain sacred herbs.

70's Boobs2
Angry Dwarves1
Exploding Scientists2
Cosmic Showdowns2
Worst. Sets. Ever.
They Painted A Dwarf RED!
First hour is a snore.
Manitous out of Maniten

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