Annabelle: Creation (2017)

It's DOLL gone crazy!

A Sequel To A Sequel in the Conjuring “universe”, Annabelle 2: Creation is, surprisingly, a solid entry to the creepy doll genre of horror movies. From the director behind ‘Lights Out’, this sequel pushes all the right buttons: broken fingers, runaway wheelchairs, the titular creepy doll running amok: all wrapped up in a retro 1960s throwback. Far better than it’s lineage suggests, this one’s a funny, fun and pretty spooky ride for any horror fan with some solid twists.

Spooky Dolls1
Demon Vomit Attack1
Runaway Wheelchair1
Switcheroo Possessions3
Satanic Cult1
Gouged Eyes1
Solid Kills
Gorgeously Shot
Perfectly Paced
Conjuring Callbacks? Lame!
More Gore!
Deadly Dolls Out Of Ten

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