Superstition (1983)

Everybody dies!

A real rarity, this madcap take on the haunted house / wicked witch trope goes off the rails 5 minutes in and never lets up. In a world where exploding heads and self-propelled circular saws are apparently so common nobody bats an eye when their loved ones are disembowelled in front of them in showers of Argento-esque gore, a rotating cast of 80s slasher / poltergeist / zombie cliches are dispatched by the oozing ghost of a spooky 1600’s witch. At no point does anyone do anything to prevent their own demise, which leads to no more than 5 minutes of plot advancement before another one bites the dust. Excellent “brain-optional” watching for your weekends.


By The Numbers...
Spooky Swamp Witches
Mongoloid Caretakers
Drunk Priest
Sexy Preist
Slutty Daughters
Argento-style gore abounds!
Flawless 80s Aesthetics
Great Spooky Soundtrack
Spotty transfer quality
Dodgy audio of the era
Short but not always sweet
Exploding heads out of 10.

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