Stage Fright (1987)

Owl's well that ends well!

An absolutely wild bit of 80’s Giallo brilliance about a serial killer who rapes and kills actors rehearsing a play (about a serial killer dressed up like an Owl) while — yes — dressed up like an owl. From the scenery chewing director (David Brandon) and his tough guy producer to the endless stream of actors served up for sacrifice to the owl-headed murderer who terrorizes their terrible off-off-off broadway show and gleefully dispatches them one by one, to some way way out there musical numbers, this one has it all. No need to explain the plot further, it defies explanation, and certainly no need to justify our love for Stage Fright, it’s a must watch for any fan of 80’s slashers.

By The Numbers...
Interpretive Owl Dances
Chainsaw Murders
Spooky Cats
Saxophone Solo
Skewered Actora
Less Chatter, More Splatter
Quality Kills
80s Aesthetic AF
Needs a sequel!
Saxaphone Solos Out Of 10

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