Raising Cain (1992)

John Lithgow Goes To Pieces In This 90s DePalma Oddity.

Combining that over-the-top De Palma energy with a logic obliterating multiple character turn from John Lithgow, Rasing Cain is an odd bit of serial killer psychodrama complete with “but it was ME the whole time” bug-outs as “Cain” and “Carter” battle “Margo” and “Josh” for control of a repressed psychologist’s psyche. In a classic Giallo nod, Carter and Cain are killing young mothers to procure their children, apparently for experiments performed by Carter’s father, a spooooky child psychologist who lost his license years earlier after performing unethical experiments on children. He is also played by John Lithgow. He may also be a Nazi. And THEN it gets weird. An often overlook gem from genre titan Brain DePalma, this one’s definitely a fun watch …if you don’t expect anything to make much sense.

Multiple Personalities 5
Nazi Sigmund Freud 1
Unfortunate Wig Choice1
It was ME the whole time!1
Defies Logic At All Times
Wild Visual Choices
Often Hilarious
Often *Unintentionally* Hilarious
Needlessly Smarmy Side-Villain
Wigs Out Of Ten

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