Raising Cain (1992)

John Lithgow Goes To Pieces In This 90s DePalma Oddity.

Combining that over-the-top De Palma energy with a logic obliterating multiple character turn from John Lithgow, Rasing Cain is an odd bit of serial killer psychodrama complete with “but it was ME the whole time” bug-outs as “Cain” and “Carter” battle “Margo” and “Josh” for control of a repressed psychologist’s psyche. In a classic Giallo nod, Carter and Cain are killing young mothers to procure their children, apparently for experiments performed by Carter’s father, a spooooky child psychologist who lost his license years earlier after performing unethical experiments on children. He is also played by John Lithgow. He may also be a Nazi. And THEN it gets weird. An often overlook gem from genre titan Brain DePalma, this one’s definitely a fun watch …if you don’t expect anything to make much sense.

By The Numbers...
Multiple Personalities
Nazi Sigmund Freud
Unfortunate Wig Choice
It was ME the whole time!
Defies Logic At All Times
Wild Visual Choices
Often Hilarious
Often *Unintentionally* Hilarious
Needlessly Smarmy Side-Villain
Wigs Out Of Ten

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