The Exorcist III (1989)

What in the hell is Fabio doing in The Exorcist?

A baffling creation, The Exorcist’s 3rd and thankfully final sequel sees the terminally angry George C. Scott (from “Man Getting Hit With Football”, Hans Moleman’s modern classic) in some sort of….buddy cop mystery about a serial killer back from the dead? But it’s also the exorcist? Honestly, this one’s a real head scratcher: from the bizarre cameos from Fabio, Samuel L. Jackson and of course, NBS Superstar Patrick Ewing as death itself to the seemingly random plot developments that propel this… thing… to it’s bizarre and ultimately hilarious conclusion.

Slow starting, but with just enough goofy gore and hilariously terrible acting to be entertaining, this one definitely earns it’s place in the VHS Dumpster of fame.

By The Numbers...
Re-Incarnated Serial Killer
Spider Nun
Garden Shear Murders
Fabio Cameo
Goofy Gore
Wait, What?!
Slow Starter
Really, honestly pretty bad
Shits On The Franchise
Graves Out Of Ten

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