Luz (2019)

Reviewed: LUZ (2019)

Tilman Singer's new feature is one of the year's best Horror films, turning a torrid tale of demonic possession on its head

The Best Horror Movies On Shudder

Lost in the dark for Shudder selections? Fear not, our always up-to-date list has you covered.

With hundreds of Horror films and TV series in their library, AMC’s streaming service is a must-have for any genre fan, but how do you find the best horror movies on Shudder? With another certified Screamish list of course!  Whether you are new to Shudder or lost in a sea...

Best Horror Movies On Netflix

Dying for something to watch this weekend? We've scared up the best Horror Movies on Netflix sure to satisfy any Horror fan!

The Most Disturbing Movies List

The Most Disturbing Movies on this list all prove that a movie can still be considered artistic or poignant...even if it’s on the extreme side.


Quentin Dupieux returns with a surreal slasher about one man's 'Killer Style'


Jenn Wexler's homage to 80s punk horror and campfire slasher's makes it's Shudder debut

da block



Rats: Night Of Terror (1984)

Prolific b-movie maestro Bruno Mattei's Post apocalyptic, Punk Rock monster movie is weird and wonderful late night trash

Graves Out Of Ten

Cemetery Man (1994)

A gore-filled zombie romance comedy from the legendary director of stage fright

Reviewed: VFW (2020)

Joe Begos' Gloriously Grusome Ode to 80s Action Horror 'VFW' Is A Welcome Blast From The Past

Horror film ‘VFW‘ blasted it’s way onto VOD and select cinema screens...

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